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Parasitic worms is not a pleasant subject but is a very important one. This is particularly the case if you have a dog that is directly or indirectly in contact with children.

This website is designed to give you some straight forward information about intestinal worms in dogs, including advice to ensure worms don't cause problems for you, your dog or family members.

Most worms that infect dogs live in the intestines.  They feed on the digesting food that is found there or attach to the gut wall and feed on the blood supply.  Worms come in several shapes and sizes. There are two broad categories that are of most significance in dogs:

  • Nematodes can cause problems in adult dogs but the biggest  threat from Nematodes is when a subgroup called the Ascarids (roundworms) infect puppies.
  • Tapeworms (Scientific name "Cestodes") can also create a number of problems in both dogs and people. One of the worms called Dipylidium caninum is unusual because it is usually transmitted to dogs through contact with fleas. To control this worm you need to have a regular worming programme and flea control programme.

There are other, more uncommon worms that do not live in the intestines, your vet will advise you if they feel your dog is at risk from these.

Even if heavily infected, worms are rarely life threatening in adult dogs but some external signs can occur. In puppies some of the problems created can be potentially fatal, for example when the worms cause a blockage of the intestines. Depending on the worms species involved other symptoms seen include vomiting, diarrhoea, poor coat quality and a "pot bellied" appearance.

Dog's may well be man's best friend but some of the worms they can harbour are highly undesirable and can be passed on to people. The risk of infection is higher in children because of playing outdoors where dogs have been and the close contact that they enjoy with pets. Problems in people can range from mild skin symptoms to infections which can lead to serious complications.

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